River’s Edge leases are installment type leases. Pro-rated move-ins and/or move-outs do not apply to this lease type. We have a limited amount of short term leases available, call the leasing office for details.
You are not paying rent  for each month you live at River’s Edge, rather you are making installment payments. Your total amount due is split up into 12 equal payments throughout the length of your lease.   The lease agreement will not be for an entire calendar year. You will move in in early August and move out in mid July. This allows time for you to move out, for us to fix the apartment as needed, and to move someone else in for the following year. If you need more time, we may be able to accommodate you, but this is subject to availability and a holdover fee.
Rent is due on the 1st of every month with a grace period until the 3rd day of the month. Rent is considered late beginning on the 4th of each month. Please note that late fees will start to accrue beginning on the 4th day.
You can sign your lease today! Hurry in to reserve your spot for the best thing in student housing in Athens
We offer twelve month leases. The lease begins August and ends on July.
To sign a lease agreement we do NOT need your parent or guardian present.
We urge you to get renters insurance for losses to personal property or injuries due to theft, fire, water damage, pipe leaks and the like. Additionally, Tenant is required to purchase personal liability insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000. Homestead U must be listed on the policy. Click HERE to get started now.
River’s Edge Apartments have a refrigerator, microwave, stove, diswasher and washer/dryer.
At River’s Edge, many of your utilities, including gas, water, sewer and trash, are already included with your rent in a monthly R.U.B.S. (Resident Utility Billing System). Electricity, cable and internet should be set up in your name before move-in.
An optional living room and bedroom furniture package is available upon request for $75/month per person.

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