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Can I move in earlier than my scheduled move-in date?

Please contact the Leasing Office for availability

When is my 1st Installment due?

To secure your August move-in, the first installment and any extra deposit/fees are due by July 15th
unless your lease states otherwise. The next installment will be due on September 1st.

Why am I paying my first installment so early?

The first installment is due early to secure your August move-in.
The installments are then due the first of every month.

Do my parents need to be there when I move in?

If you are over 18, your parents do not need to be present during the move in process.
They are still welcome to join you!

When will I know my apartment number?

You will receive your assigned unit and move-in date information by
email at least 60 days prior to move-in or earlier. Future tenants will receive a Unit Assignment Addendum to sign and all parties will receive a move-in letter with steps to complete before move-in day.

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent through your resident portal online or by downloading the app. Go to Residentportal.com to download.

How do I know what to pay?

All information necessary will be provided on your move-in letter, but if you have questions or want to confirm the amount, feel free to contact the Leasing Office.

What do I need to bring on move-in day?

You will need to bring your ID and any paperwork that the office requested. Please refer to your move-in letter to make sure you have completed all steps before coming to move-in.

How long does move-in usually take?

The more you complete on your move-in letter ahead of time, thequicker it will be!

Can we bring a U-Haul?

Yes, we will not be towing during move-in unless you’re parkedinappropriately (on a yellow curb, handicap space, etc)

I’m using my own renter’s insurance, what do I need to bring?

If providing your own renters insurance, please make sure it is approved through the office before move-in day. Please refer to your move-in letter for what all we need to see on your policy. If we cannot approve, you will be asked to pay the $15.95 insurance charge until the policy is corrected. This charge can be removed once we have an approved policy in place, but no refunds will be given.

What If I want to switch to the $15.95 insurance plan?

If the charge isn’t on your lease and you’d like to switch so that you’re automatically covered, we can have you sign an addendum when you arrive. Just be prepared to pay that charge before or when you arrive.

Will there be people to help me move my stuff?

Unfortunately, we will not have any extra staff to help move in your
items. You are welcome to bring friends and family with you!

What hours can I pick up keys?

You may pick up your keys during office hours–Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 11am-4pm.

Will I be guaranteed my apartment requests I added on my application?

We try our best to accommodate any requests, but this is not guaranteed. Preferences are based on what is available after renewals and the date you applied.

What if I can’t move in on my assigned move in day?

We do ask at least one party claim the apartment on their assigned move-in day. If this is not possible, please let the office know when we should expect you!

Can I renew on move in day if I know I’ll be there for another year?

Yes! We offer the BEST incentive to those who renew on move-in day.We will have a station on move-in day for you ask any questions about renewing & sign a renewal lease.

What’s the best way to get updates on what’s happening at the property?

Make sure your correct contact information is entered in your resident portal account. Following us on Social Media and Community Rewards are also great ways to stay up to date with events and news about the property.

What if there is a maintenance issue in my apartment when I move-in?

When you check-in with the Leasing Office on move-in day, you will be given a Move-in Inspection Form. You will be instructed to fill it out before you start moving in. List any items that need taken care of on this form and turn it in to the Leasing Office within 72 hours of moving in.

When can I buy my parking pass?

You’ll want to make sure you purchase your parking pass and make it visible in your vehicle before September 1st! To buy your pass, come down to the office and make your payment, sign your addendum, and receive your pass there. Parking is $250 per person for the school year. There is no assigned parking, and there are plenty of spots for everyone!